New Connections to a Grand Entrance to Mission Bay Park

One of the key attractions nearby the unfortunate station location, is the Northeastern corner of the Regional Mission Bay Park. New pedestrian connections west over I-5 are ESSENTIAL to creating pedestrian-scale walkability to the closest neighborhoods and businesses and on into the Park. Right now, the community is physically separated from the NE corner of the park by the drainage ditch and golf course fencing. This entire corner is currently also being re- planned and significant investments in the golf course are scheduled by the City. This is a critical time to connect these processes across Grand Boulevard and not have each up only plan up to the line that divides them (i.e. Grand Boulevard). Currently dominated by car-traffic (that is not going away), new pedestrian and bicycle overpasses can be designed to transform this area from car-centric to people-passable-too. A new entrance to this corner of the Park can be designed in concert with redesigning the golf-course/driving range area. Right now a narrow sidewalk without any setback runs right next to 4 lanes of traffic. It is not a pleasant or safe place to walk. The drainage can be redesigned to increase access and replace the "ditch" approach with a more ecological design. An area for an entrance "allee" can be created there. But significant connectivity improvements will have to be included for it to be practical for people to walk or bike west from the station. Only with significant new connections will this station ever come close to realizing it's ridership potential - either for people living nearby such as myself, or for those who might take the trolley to Pacific Beach from around the region.

"No one can find what will work for our cities by looking at the boulevards of Paris, as the City Beautiful people did; and they can’t find it by looking at suburban garden cities, manipulating scale models, or inventing dream cities. You’ve got to get out and walk."

—Jane Jacobs

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