Draft Plan Overview


The Balboa Avenue Station Area Specific Plan (Specific Plan) is a comprehensive planning document that provides a policy framework to guide transit-oriented public and private development and multi-modal improvements adjacent to the Balboa Avenue Trolley Station consistent with the General Plan City of Villages strategy. The Station is part of the Blue Line Trolley line from Downtown to the University community designed by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). 

The Specific Plan area is approximately 0.70 square miles (210 acres) and is located in the Pacific Beach and Clairemont Mesa communities, just north of Mission Bay. 


The Specific Plan will help implement the goals and objectives of the City’s Climate Action Plan by increasing employment and housing opportunities near transit; promoting walking and bicycle use as viable travel choices; and improving transit access and frequency.

Guiding Principles

  1. Identify multi-modal improvements to increase bicycle, pedestrian, and transit access to the station.
  2. Establish goals and policies to guide future public and private development to establish transit-oriented development adjacent to the station.

Land Use

The Specific Plan envisions a thriving, mixed-use urban environment that provides multiple opportunities for living and working near the Balboa Avenue Transit Station. The proposed land uses are depicted on the map below. 





The Specific Plan envisions a multi-modal network that focuses on access to the Balboa Avenue Station. The Specific Plan recommends improvements that balance the needs of all users, decrease dependence on single occupancy vehicles, and reduce average commute distances. The Mobility chapter provides policies and network recommendations for the public right of way that will help accommodate future travel demands. The policies prioritize the establishment of a complete streets network by ensuring safe and efficient travel for all modes throughout the study area, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and motorists. Recommended improvements sought to improve connectivity and access to regional amenities such as Mission Bay Park, Rose Creek Bike Path, and Pacific Beach.


Urban Design

Building frontage improvements create a pleasant and inviting environment for residents, businesses, and visitors and should relate to the street and neighborhood character. They can provide a consistent and cohesive theme to unify and highlight the distinctive characteristics of a neighborhood and corridor. 

The Specific Plan envisions building designs and streetscapes that support pedestrian activity. The graphics illustrate the desired characteristics and recommendations.

Magnolia & Mission Bay Drive


Conceptual Renderings